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This web site is "unofficial" this means that this web site is not directly connected with Frankie Muniz or anyone related to Frankie Muniz. This web site is not related to any promotional, business or personal relations to Frankie Muniz.

The information within this web site is not guaranteed to be accuarte and may be changed at any time. The information found on this web site has been gathered from research materials found by myself (the webmaster) as well as anyone else who works within the site and anyone who may have posted information.

If you believe you have found information within the web site that is inaccurate, copyrighted or illegial please contact me (the Webmaster & web site owner) by filling in the Contact Form Contact email address are no longer posted on this web site due to the high levels of spam email. Messages sent via the contact form are generally checked daily although this can not be guaranteed.

If you would like more information about this web site and it's owner please contact us on the Contact Form address. Please remember that we try to update this web site as much as possible, however this is not a funded web site, and the site currently contains no advertisements and therefore is a non-profit website.

The name "The Chain Domain" is the name of the people who have created this web site at no charge and therefore leave the occasional link and logo around the web site.

Guest Book
All entires posted into the guest book are also sent by email through to a web site administrator. Although the entries are instantly available online they are checked at least once a week and any messages containing advertising, obscene language, insults and any generally abuse will be removed.

Message Board
The message board is monitored in the same way as the guest book. All messages are sent by email to a web site administrator. If any abusive language, advertising or insults are found on the message board they will be removed. The message board includes an Anti-Spam procedure, this is in place to prevent automatic messages.

Chat Room
The chat room is generally available at any time, we can not guarantee that it will be busy and we can not guarantee who is using the chat room. We will not be monitoring the chat room, however site staff will visit from time to time to ensure everything is in order.

Previously this site offered a penpals section, this became so popular we changed the way in which the penpals section is designed. Penpal's are arranged by age and gender. Anyone who signs up for a penpal will be issued with a password which is required to remove the application, at any time. Any applications for a penpal are checked before being posted onto the web site.

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